Monday, November 30, 2015

Optimum Clarity can beat "Mommy Brain"

The common phrase thrown around is "mommy brain"...and I swear, it is a real thing! Your mind, for whatever reason, changes when you become a mother. Maybe it is that you become so overly tired and stressed out that your brain function suffers. Perhaps it is all the nutrients we give to the baby during pregnancy, that it leaves us depleted long after? Could very well be. Either way, some extra help is needed! I am hugely into vitamins, supplements and living for those reasons, I was eager to try this product!
It is labeled as America's #1 Brain Supplement. It improves memory, mental clarity, focus and concentration. I have been taking one capsule per day for the last two weeks. I really do feel better overall in my brain function. My thoughts feel clearer and when I read, I can actually concentrate enough to recall what I just read (something that I had been having trouble with lately). It contains high-grade natural extracts including Ginkgo Biloba, St. John's Wort and Vinpocetine, Acetyl-L Carnitine, Phosphatidylserine complex, Bacopa monnieri, L-Glutamine, DMAE Bitartrate.
I also really like the fact that it is made in the USA, just because I don't always know or trust the regulations of supplements from other countries. It was manufactured in a FDA approved lab and comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Sounds pretty good, right? Feel free to check it out for yourself!              

Disclaimer; This has been a sponsored post and I received some form of compensation for my time. However, the thoughts and feelings expressed here are true and genuine.
If you suffer from any health problems or have any concerns, please check with your health care provider before taking this, or any other supplements.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Fashion Friday - Dress For Less

It has been a while since I added a "Dress for Less" post to my on-going series. Today is the perfect time! Why? Well, I just might have done a little clothing shopping, and I just might have done some damage! Damage to the space of my closet...But, no major damage was done to my wallet! How? Stick around to find out :)
While a lot of people were killing themselves over Black Friday Deals, or Grey Thursday Deals as they have been named (those deals that start on the evening of Thanksgiving Day), I stayed home and relaxed. In years past, yes, I had been crazy, waiting in lines for hours and shopping the mall at 3am...but I did not want to do that this year. In fact, I purposely did not look at any advertised deals because I did not want to be tempted. (And I know if I looked in the store ads, I would have been!) It was not until today, around noon, that I decided to go to only one store this Black Friday. It was to a local consignment store in my town. I love this place, especially on Black Friday because they hold their dollar sale! A good portion of the store are just a buck each! Dresses, pants, purses, shoes, tops, you name it! I scored some great items at amazing prices, let's check 'em out, shall we? 

Let's off with a couple great accessories! I got this beautiful scarf and purse for only $1 each! I love this blue color of the purse and as it turns out, it actually brings out the blue of the scarf! Now, I can be slightly germaphobic, so getting shoes that aren't brand new usually is not an option for me. However, if you look at the bottoms of these super cute shoes I got for only a buck, you can see they were maybe worn once, if ok, I can handle that!

Now, check out this super adorable dress I was able to pick up, also just for one dollar! It still has the store tags on it! (retail price $40). I will definitely be looking cute this summer in this one!

Now, blazers are a tricky thing for me. I am tall and have fairly broad shoulders, so sometimes I feel blazers aren't a good look for me. Like it just makes me look bulky. But they are back in style, not those shoulder-padded fugly ones from the 80's...the more modern take on blazers. So, I figured I'll take my chances on this one. The buttons on it give it an edgy look. Just $1!
Next up is this cute top. I love leopard print! This one was hard to get a good picture of, but it flares out in the back a little and is very light and flowy. What totally made it for me were the cute little gold skull buttons! Luvs it!

I love a skirt with pockets! I really like the fun print on this one and it is super comfortable!
I got a few T-shirts because well, it is always nice to just throw on an easy T-shirt and go! Or in chilly weather, these are great as a layering piece. And for $1, how could I pass them up!?! Hollister and Abercrombie and Fitch? Yes, please!

I also love this top! It's really light material and would go well with so many things. Dress it up or dress it down! I think this would look great with a pair of jeans and black heels.
I like this top as well. I don't always like stuff sewn onto clothing, but this actually looks good! This will be a really nice summer shirt. I totally don't mind putting this away for a few months. When I can get a good deal, it's totally worth it.

This is a dress from Jennifer Lopez's clothing line. I just recently got a dress from her line and really liked that one...and this one is just as good! It hugs your curves in just the right places so it looks really good on! I like that the pattern, style and fit are all pretty unique. A nice addition to my dress collection!
Now, I most certainly did not show you everything I got from this dollar sale today...just a few to show you that it is easy to find nice clothing for super cheap! I am a mommy on a budget, but I still want to look good! I have figured out ways to dress top notch, for next to nothing!
Do you see anything here you like?


Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Organic Matcha Premium Japanese Green Tea

I love tea. It is such a great, relaxing beverage. It has many health benefits too. I recently was able to try this Organic Matcha Premium Japanese Green Tea. There are so many different blends of tea on the market, I enjoy trying new ones when ever possible.
This is a premium grade tea, rich in antioxidants. In fact, this particular tea, has over 137 times the EGCG levels that regular steeped tea has. This tea is not only Organic and Vegan, but is also Gluten free, GMO free, and free of any pesticides. Why is this tea different than steeped tea? It do not come in a tea bag and there are no tea leaves; it is a powder! I have never had a tea in this form before, but it is really great. This Organic Matcha tea has been shown to help increase energy, reduce stress, support your immune system, reduce inflammation in your body, supports metabolism, and helps detox your body of harmful elements that we encounter on a daily basis.

The taste of this tea is very earthy and smooth. I added some fresh lemon, which really brought out the wonderful flavors. It has a very unique quality in its taste. Exotic, fresh, and clean tasting. The tea is a very earthy green color, like no other tea I have ever had. It truly is a unique experience!
Link to Product;
Disclaimer; I received this product complementary, in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. The thoughts and feelings expressed here are truly my own and are genuine.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Ways to SHOP SAFELY this Shopping Season!

Since we are facing the most popular shopping season, I wanted to share some tips on Safe Shopping! While almost everyone is in the shopping mood, buying gifts for loved ones, there are those few that are looking for good opportunities to steal! Sad, but true. Keep these tips in mind while you are doing your shopping, to prevent a bad situation for yourself.
Tip #1. As you are shopping, never leave your purse in your cart. It can be a pain to keep your purse on your arm/shoulder the whole time you are shopping. You might be tempted to keep it in the upper portion on your cart while you shop and look around. While it is ok to place your purse in the cart as you are pushing it, be sure that if you are turning away from your cart at all, even just for a moment, pick up your purse before doing so. It is so easy for those opportunistic people to snatch your purse while your back is turned. Perhaps carrying a wristlet during your major shopping hauls might be beneficial. Also, cross-body purses are also a wonderful option! Your hands will be kept free and your purse will be right with you at all times!

Tip #2. This tip somewhat goes along with the first one, but it is important enough to mention separately. Once you are leaving a store or mall and are about to load your bags into your car, if you are using a shopping cart, do not leave your purse in the cart, rather, unlock your car and place your purse on the drivers seat. If you are going to load items into your trunk, you may want to relock your car until you have completed loading the trunk. You would be surprised how slick some people are, grabbing things from your car while you are just feet away!
Tip #3. If you are shopping at many locations and have many bags, if it all possible, put everything in the trunk, out of sight, while you continue your shopping. I recall hearing how thieves would quickly bust out a car window, making off with all the goods, because those bags were seen and were just too tempting to pass up.
Tip #4. If possible, shop during daylight hours and with another person. Safety in numbers! ;)

Tip #5. When shopping online, don't use a debit card, rather, use a credit card or paypal. Credit card companies are a lot easier to deal with fraudulent activity than if someone wiped out your personal bank account. Also, don't order online while your device (cell phone, laptop, tablet) is connected via WiFi. It is too easy for hackers to gain access to your personal information. Wait until you have a secure and private connection.

Tip #6. If you have several credit cards, don't carry them ALL with you all of the time. Maybe just one or two. Keep others in a safe place in your home. Also, some people like to write "SEE I.D." on the back of their credit cards, in hopes that the clerk at the registers will ask to see I.D. upon making purchases. Let's face it, many of them won't even look, but some do.

Tip #7. It is a good idea to keep a list of all your credit cards, account numbers and contact numbers in a safe place in your home as well. If your purse and/or wallet do get stolen, stay calm, but call all the numbers on that list A.S.A.P. to prevent as much damage as possible.

If you have any additional tips or thoughts, feel free to share them in the comment section!
Happy (Safe) Shopping!

"The Wine Cubby" - Reusable Wine Bag

What the heck is a "Wine Cubby" you might be wondering.
This product is pretty cool! A great accessory for you wine lovers!
The Wine Cubby is a BPA-free food grade plastic bag-like container, which allows you to bring up to a full (750ml) bottle of wine, with you where ever you go! This is great for trips to beaches, pools, concerts, tailgates, hikes, camping trips, picnics, parties, and more! By using the Wine Cubby, you don't need to worry about carrying bulky glass bottles and you can now bring it to places where typically glass is not allowed. It comes with the collapsible funnel so it is very easy to fill (and re-fill!) without any mess!
I wish I had a Wine Cubby the last time I got together with my sister! I take annual trips to Tennessee to visit her and we always have a lot of fun together. I can recall many times, we would be going somewhere (to a State Park or to walk Broadway Street in downtown Nashville) and we want to bring some sort of alcoholic drink with us, but we struggle on how to do so. For example, the one time a few years back, we were going to Downtown Nashville on a couple's sister and her husband and myself with my (now ex-) husband. Since we are all sort of cheap and didn't want to spend a ton of money on drinks in the bars, we wanted to bring some alcohol with us. (Yes, we are "those people" haha!) If I remember correctly, we brought all sorts of drink containers and like plastic coffee mugs, and that type of thing. Well, that wasn't the most convenient thing, lol. If we each had a Wine Cubby, we could of had them in our purses and it would have been so much easier! I will definitely have to remember to bring this with me next summer when I go! Hey sis, get ready, we're gonna have some fun!! ;)
The contents of this bulky glass bottle can fit nicely into the Wine Cubby,
and taken where ever you want to go!
Here is a quick recap about the Wine Cubby!
✔ HOLDS A FULL BOTTLE - Fits a full 750ml wine bottle with room to spare. Unique designed wine leaf and bottle shape magically appears when filling with your favorite vino.
✔ TAKE WINE TO GO WITHOUT GLASS - Made from BPA-free food grade plastic which prevents unwanted odors & lets you take your wine where and when you want. Take the WineCubby to beaches, pools, concerts, tailgates, hikes, camping trips, picnics, or even bachelorette parties!
✔ EASY & FAST TO FILL - Included collapsible funnel makes filling and re-filling the WineCubby a snap plus no mess or worrying about unsteady hands.
✔ NO MESSES WHEN TRANSPORTING - Included multi-purpose carrying case holds a full WineCubby and protects against spills and other accidents. Carrying case also holds an actual wine bottle which is great for transporting wine when traveling.
✔ LIFETIME WARRANTY - You're protected by a no-hassle free replacement guarantee.

Link to Product;

Link to Company Website;

This was a sponsored post. I received some form of compensation for my time, however all the thoughts and feelings expressed were truly genuine.

Do YOU want a Wine Cubby of your own?
Enter my Give Away {HERE} to WIN ONE!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Friday, November 20, 2015

Fashion Friday - Woman in Heels

There is no doubt about it, many woman LOVE to wear heels. There is something so magical about them. They can transform you into a confident, sexy, unstoppable force! Ok, am I being too dramatic? Well, maybe...maybe not! Victoria Beckham has been quoted saying, "I can't concentrate in flats". And my beloved Marilyn Monroe said, "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world". She also said, "Keep your head, heels, and standards high". (Wasn't she also the one who said, "Diamonds are a girls best friend?"...dang, smart gal she was!) Anyway, my point is, shoes...the right shoes (umm, HEELS!) are important!
I love fashion and love watching what celebrities wear. It's funny, I don't really follow their personal lives at all, don't care to, but I do love seeing their outfits! And I know that celebrities for sure are obsessed with high heels! It seems like no matter where they go, they are rockin' the highest of high heels! I would be so jealous of their closets!

I recently collected some photos of female celebs who are known for their love of heels. Since I quoted Victoria Beckham, I'll start off with her first. I totally love her fashion sense! She is by far, one of my favorite fashion icons! In fact, back a few years ago, I totally copied her hair style! Ya know that short in the back, long in the front thing? Oh yeah, it was her pictures (along with "Kate" from Kate Plus 8) that I brought pictures in to my hair stylist, saying "this is what I want!". Anyhow, I love how Victoria pairs her shoes with her outfits. They almost always make a huge statement and many times her heels seem to be the focus of her entire look! She pulls them off so fabulously!
I kinda can't stand the Kardashians...I mean, I don't know, they just seem annoying, but whatever...I must say sometimes those Kardashians girls have amazing style! (Yeah, I'm sure they pay some eccentric fashion guru for their personal wardrobe advice, but that's besides the point, lol) I notice that Kim in particular, loves them high heels! Even with a huge preggo belly, she was still sportin' 4 inch stilettos! (Let's not forget the paparazzi even caught her nearly taking a tumble because of her crazy heels- careful Kim!)
Jennifer Lopez usually has pretty good style. In fact, just this week, I found of super gorgeous dress from her clothing line! I can't wait to wear it! I love how here in this photo, she has a very casual look, but the sunglasses and heels make it totally glamorous! I love how accessories can do that!

Now, one celeb gal who really does not need to wear heels is Taylor Shift. She is so tall, with heels she seems to tower over everyone. But being just under 5'10" myself, I feel I can relate. I have dated guys that would tell me not to wear heels because I would be a lot taller than them. This is why I need to find a tall handsome fella so I can wear my heels and not feel like an Amazon woman! I swear though, with heels I think Taylor Swift must be about 6'3". But hey, rock on, Taylor! I am glad she doesn't think "oh I'm too tall to wear heels". She likes what she likes, and who cares if she is taller than everyone else! Look at those beautiful long legs!
Alright, now I think everyone knows the down side of heels. I really hate that there is one, but there is. High heels are bad for your feet and back. Seeing as that I suffer from major chronic back pain, I know all too well that wearing heels can be horribly painful. In fact, as much as I love heels, a lot of times I just can't physically do it. Actually, I really never should (because of my injury) but sometimes it hurts to be beautiful and I do it anyway. Also, some heels can really be painful on your feet and toes, just because of the way they contort them inside the shoe. One in 10 women wear high heels at least three days a week and a third have fallen while wearing them. Statistics show that high heels are one of the biggest factors leading to foot problems in women, with up to a third suffering permanent problems as a result of prolonged wear. Ouch. Yet, we keep wearing them?!? We love our high heels so much that we are willing to cause permanent damage?!? "Extended wear of high heels and continually bending your toes into an unnatural position can cause a range of ailments, from ingrown toenails to irreversible damage to leg tendons. Additionally, cramming your toes into a narrow toe box can cause nerve damage and bunions," says Dr. Nevins. "High heels have also been linked to overworked or injured leg muscles, osteoarthritis of the knee, plantar fasciitis and low back pain," she adds. Geez, it's sorta crazy when you think about it...but it shows you just how much these mean to woman.
I say, let's at least try to be a somewhat smart about this. Here are a few tips to still wearing heels, but being as smart about it as possible...
  • Limit wearing heels for special occasions and not when you know you are going to have to walk a lot.
  • Keep a pair of flats handy to change into if needed...Dr.Scholl's actually has a special product called "Fast Flats", in which you can keep these foldable flats in your handbag for when feet get tired or sore. (see pic below)
  • Practice walking in heels if you're not used to it. Wobbly walking isn't good. Try walking "heel to toe", meaning place your heel down first when taking steps.
  • Change your high heel walking gate, meaning have a different way of walking when you're in heels. Smaller steps may help your balance and comfort.
  • As much as we love HIGH heels, try limiting it to 2" or 3". Anything higher will be more likely to cause damage to your feet.

Let's love our heels, but love our bodies too! Stay beautiful my lovelies! Happy Friday!


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